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LastFM Tasteometer Widget

lastfm_logo.jpgLastFM introduced a new widget today that allows people to compare their music taste with yours directly from your website, social network profile or blog. The beauty of the widget is that users don’t need to be LastFM members to compare tastes - they can simply type in names of their favorite artists and see how you match up. This form of openess is a welcome change from lock-in widgets that require users to already be members of a service to interact. You can also click on a “Listen to music like this” button which basically provides similar artist radio for the top artist match between the two users.


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Reader Comments (3)

ha, thanks for using my profile. don't think my plug in is working though, those songs look out of date...

10.9.2007 | Unregistered CommenterCamille H.

Actually, I believe the widget detects if the user has a lastfm account and automatically uses your profile if one exists.

10.9.2007 | Registered CommenterJadam Kahn

hey you!! i was surfing the web searching some info about digital music and etc.. and I saw my duck image for the lastfm profile, damn i said. I'm blah!! maybe 'll become famous lol. anyway, hello! pleased to appear on here!

01.5.2008 | Unregistered Commenterblah_nebula

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