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The Logos of Music 2.0 - Twitter Style

Since I began this blog the most popular post continues to be the Logos of Music 2.0 - a montage of music company logos I created a few years ago. Much has changed in the industry since that time and many companies have come and gone. I wanted to revisit the concept, but instead of focusing on the company logos in their natural habitat, I have turned my attention to how they appear within Twitter. Here is the new version based on all the companies in the Music 2.0 Directory that have twitter pages. View large version

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A famous entertainment logo is that of MTV, the international Music Television. Even though the channel is only available in English language and a large number of people do not listen to English songs or understand them, yet millions can recognize the logo in an instant. This makes this channel a world renowned entertainment provider that is earning millions of dollars with its advertising and programs only.

Monir Sider

12.16.2010 | Unregistered Commenternatasha2010

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