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Moodagent - Automatic playlist DJ for your music, your mood

Instantly create new playlists. Match your music to your mood or change your mood with your music. Moodagent syncs your music collection to ensure every track have a matching track profile, then automatically creates playlists at your command. You simply set the colorful mood and tempo sliders, or start with a favorite song.

MeCanto - Listen to your collection on the web and mobile

A service for storing your music collection online and enabling access to it from anywhere. Your music collection turns instantly into an online repository where you can browse, organize, search, and listen to your music. Your online music collection can also be accessed from your mobile phone immediately upon registration. You can access all your music from anywhere without any syncing or file transfers.

Playlick - Create playlists and collect favorites from the web

A Playdar powered service that lets you create playlists based on tracks, artists, albums, users and more.

Playgrub - Create playlists from song lists on supported sites

Playgrub is a bookmarklet that makes it easy to play web pages with Playdar. Using the Playgrub bookmarklet on supported sites such as, Playclick, Twitter, and iTunes charts will create a playlist out of the listed songs.

TenthRow - Interactive HD concert videos on-demand

TenthRow allows music fans to experience the raw power and excitement of live music. All shows on TenthRow are available on-demand so you can watch them wherever, whenever, and as many times as you want. Never miss seeing a band play live again. Watch concerts from the best seat in the house. Zoom in on your favorite musicians. Download high quality live MP3s from TenthRow shows so you can take the concert with you and enjoy it no matter where you are.

Mixcloud - On-demand radio shows, podcasts and DJ sets

Mixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners more effectively. Mixcloud is re-thinking radio by joining the dots between radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. We refer to them as Cloudcasts - audio shows that are stored in the “cloud” and available to be streamed on-demand.

IndieCollision - Discover new music from independent artists

IndieCollision is a platform that empowers music fans to discover new music from independent & unsigned artists. A place where musicians can finally find their true audience.

The Banded - Discover and promote new artists to earn rewards

A music democracy where fans call the shots, new music gets uncovered and promoted, and users get killer rewards. Get friends to vote for your favorite artists and bolster your influence rank. Most Influential Fans get rewards like free tech swag, merch discounts and more. Top-voted artists get paid on an ongoing basis (vs. a one-time prize), plus get to own part of The Banded!

22tracks - Play 22 tracks across many genres every week

An online jukebox containing playlists with 22 tracks across different genres, each selected by specialized DJs from Amsterdam.

Music Forte - Independent artist downloads and sheet music

Music Forte (through it’s humble beginnings as a hobby site for artists) has grown into the largest online resource for Independent music and sheet music.

RemixGalaxy - Remix songs by other artists

Remix Galaxy is a web community that offers the world’s largest inventory of music in multitrack stem format for remixing and the tools you need to customize or remix your favorite songs. Remix Galaxy is more than a store. It is a community where you can create cool music, show it off, get feedback from other members and leverage the knowledge base of our users to learn more about remixing.

Tweet For A Track - Viral music promotions on Twitter

Upload a song and post a tweet with a link to download the free mp3. When friends see your tweet and reposts to get the free download url. The process then continues virally.

Announcement: Music 2.0 Directory Twitter List Now Live

Rocketsurgeon wishes a happy holiday season to all our readers. We would like to announce the creation of the Music 2.0 Directory Twitter List which follows all the music technology companies profiles in our directory. Follow the list to find out all the latest happenings from the leaders in the new music revolution.

BandCentral - Manage your band online

BandCentral is a web tool that helps bands manage themselves online. BandCentral gives bands their very own online ‘Band HUB’ with all the tools they need to communicate with each other, store files, manage gigs, merch, music, money, tasks, fans, contacts and everything else associated with their band in one central, secure and instantly accessible place. BandCentral is also great for Band Managers and record labels. By centralizing all aspects of a band’s management activity, BandCentral encourages greater collaboration between the band, band manager and third parties (such as producers/promoters/roadies) and minimizes the effort required to complete day-to-day admin tasks.

Fan2Band - Helping management to connect artists and fans

Fan2Band utilizes their technology platform to connect artists to their fans and helps them get huge. Fans get exclusive access & prizes while helping their favorite bands.

MyMusicSite - Helping independent artists sell and promote helps you the independent artist sell and promote your own music. You can sell individual songs, albums or even have your fans, friends and family be able to instantly create ringtones for your original music. The next time your phone rings…have it be your song that is heard! also offers you the ability to shop for independent music and discover new and hidden talent. Be the first to hear the hottest songs that can be tomorrow’s mega hit songs.

Muzlink - Music search

Muzlink’s goal is to become, over time, the most widely recognized source for direct links to music artists and acts. Muzlink’s concept of a music search engine is; an easy-to-use free service to both music makers and music lovers that returns relevant music-only results in just a few clicks.

Single of the Decade - Choose your top pick

A massive collaborative poll, allowing music fans to share what their favourite singles have been, and provide a platform for others to rediscover tracks they might have forgotten.

Normalisr - Time-based charts of data

A little application to rank your favourite artists and albums by an estimation of how long you have spent listening to them. The form takes your username, gets the lists of your favourite artists or albums and estimates the time you have spent listening to each of them based on track length data taken from Musicbrainz. The resulting table shows your standard charts, with reordered rankings based on your estimated listening time. - Music playlist search and download

GetPlaylists is a service that helps you download, share and use playlists on an automated basis- you can download a playlist. We automatically match it to your music collection and then notify you of the songs that you own and those that you don’t. You can purchase songs (MP3s) that you don’t already own at our online music store. The music goes to you music library and the playlist goes to your media player Playlists can be shared with your friends on Facebook and MySpace (others coming soon), they can be emailed to friends, instant messaged to friends and streamed to your device.