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Rocknsites - Websites for bands and musicians

RocknSites is a web design & development company specializing in professional and affordable website solutions for bands and musicians. RocknSites uses a custom content management system (CMS) that is designed specifically with bands and musicians in mind to provide industry features that will help any artist grow and be heard.

Eggtop - Virtual promotion for creative people

Eggtop creates opportunities of communication, virtual automatic promotion and raising money. After registering you can create your personal user page to communicate with your friends, lead your own blog, listen to music and watch videos. You are able to own a page of your creative project and use the automatic promotion (and monetization) tools. You can also receive an expert account and make money on your opinion. Eggtop provides ultimate possibilities for musicians, artists, writers and poets, movie-makers, flashers, script writers and photographers.

Guguchu - Band management and communication tools

Guguchu provides online tools for musicians for fan communication and professional music career development. It offers easy to use, rich products for gig booking, fan development, communication, promotion, distribution, and more.

BandCentral - Manage your band online

BandCentral is a web tool that helps bands manage themselves online. BandCentral gives bands their very own online ‘Band HUB’ with all the tools they need to communicate with each other, store files, manage gigs, merch, music, money, tasks, fans, contacts and everything else associated with their band in one central, secure and instantly accessible place. BandCentral is also great for Band Managers and record labels. By centralizing all aspects of a band’s management activity, BandCentral encourages greater collaboration between the band, band manager and third parties (such as producers/promoters/roadies) and minimizes the effort required to complete day-to-day admin tasks.

Fan2Band - Helping management to connect artists and fans

Fan2Band utilizes their technology platform to connect artists to their fans and helps them get huge. Fans get exclusive access & prizes while helping their favorite bands.

MyMusicSite - Helping independent artists sell and promote helps you the independent artist sell and promote your own music. You can sell individual songs, albums or even have your fans, friends and family be able to instantly create ringtones for your original music. The next time your phone rings…have it be your song that is heard! also offers you the ability to shop for independent music and discover new and hidden talent. Be the first to hear the hottest songs that can be tomorrow’s mega hit songs.

MusicD Dealers - Music licensing service for artists

A full-service Music Licensing company that connects quality artists from around the world with leading brands, networks, advertising agencies, film production houses and gaming companies. Real artists making real music, and it’s all pre-cleared for quick and easy licensing

Songstall - Sell your music online

Songstall is the online service that allows any unsigned artist to sell music online. Songstall takes a small cut, and you keep the rest. No membership fees and Songstall only make money if you make money!

Wanduta - Health, travel, and management services for musicians

Wanduta is a members-only organization dedicated to helping musicians who live for their music find a way to make a living with their music. Services include: Access to affordable health insurance, discounts on travel and gear, and management and promotional opportunities. - Promotional releases for DJs

The Serato Whitelabel Delivery Network, or for short, is a digital delivery service for promotional releases of new music. uses a custom file format: Whitelabel MP3s (file extension .wl.mp3). These files will play as a low quality preview in any MP3 player, and a high quality version within Serato DJ software. The format files are specially prepared for use in Serato Scratch Live and ITCH - they have had their overviews built, they are tagged with song and artist info, BPM, and album art where possible. Audio quality is equivalent to a 320kbps MP3 when played in Serato DJ software.

MobBase - Make your own iPhone app for your band

MobBase is the easy to build, easy to manage, and easy to use iPhone app created specifically for artists. With MobBase, artists can connect with fans anywhere and everywhere they’re carrying their phones to share music, photos, videos, tweets, and info about gigs, sell merch, and more.

Bandbox - Sell music direct to fans

Bandbox is a music store which can be embedded just about anywhere. Selling your music through Bandbox is just as easy as adding a YouTube video to your MySpace profile. Bandbox pays 100% of the profit on all music sales to unsigned artists.

Musicmetric - Making sense of your music data

Musicmetric can tell you who’s being talked about, which artist will be the next big thing, and how effective your marketing is by data mining the web, crawling and analyzing tens of thousands of pages per day, and monitoring dozens of live data sources to deliver a fully featured analytics platform. Their tools are driven by semantic analysis, so they don’t just tell you how many people are talking about your artists, but also their opinions, the sentiment and common topics surrounding them.

Tour Volume - Concert listings with volume

Tour Volume is a concert listing service that supplies tools for concertgoers, bands, clubs, promoters and media channels (newspapers, radio stations, magazines and web portals). These tools will help them discover new music, organize tour dates, promote concerts, share concert listings, buy concert tickets and find concert information worldwide.

DigABand - Gig, brand and fan relationship management

A suite of online tools that allow independent musicians to market themselves, grow and connect with their fan base, earn the maximum possible through playing more gigs, and connecting with other musicians to collaborate and share fans.

Pledge Music - Let the fans be your label

By combining new social networking technology, old school music biz know how and an irresistible menu of exclusive incentives, fans can visit the site to hear great new music, enjoy and share unique experiences with the bands they love and actively participate in the release process.

Music Power Network - Build a successful life in music

Music Power Network is an online system for creating success in the new music industry. MPN provides hours of exclusive video advice from Grammy winning experts, online workbooks and courseware for career planning as well as market resources to give you, the professional music maker everthing you need to negotiate a successful future in the new music business.

GigRight- Professional entertainment talent network

GigRight is a professional entertainment and talent network and a unique worldwide online database listing of talent professionals including musicians, fashion, acting, comedy and art. A full service visual and performing arts, entertainment and media resource gateway.

Music Arsenal - Software for band management and labels

Music Arsenal takes the less glamorous business side of music and makes it easier to manage. Our tools will help you plan your rise to success by keeping everything in one place and on track. Use Music Arsenal to manage and schedule your upcoming projects, plan your tours, find new places to promote your music and more.

RockDex - See how much your band rocks

RockDex Pro is a revolutionary web application that tracks 1000’s of music websites and collects data on any artist, such as blog posts, tweets, plays, and much more. RockDex analyzes and presents the information to you in one convenient dashboard that gives you a high level view of what is happening online with the artists that are important to you. Drill down into your data to discover trends, gauge the effectiveness of your marketing, and find out what your fans are saying—and where they are saying it. RockDex Pro helps you capitalize on a valuable and too often overlooked asset: Your Data.

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