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Entries in Trends (28) - Share music, images and thoughts.

Awsm lets you listen to the most popular emerging songs on the internet.

Single of the Decade - Choose your top pick

A massive collaborative poll, allowing music fans to share what their favourite singles have been, and provide a platform for others to rediscover tracks they might have forgotten.

Normalisr - Time-based charts of data

A little application to rank your favourite artists and albums by an estimation of how long you have spent listening to them. The form takes your username, gets the lists of your favourite artists or albums and estimates the time you have spent listening to each of them based on track length data taken from Musicbrainz. The resulting table shows your standard charts, with reordered rankings based on your estimated listening time.

Topsify - Top charts for Spotify

Topsify provides free top music chart playlists for Spotify. Listen to all the latests hit singles. Add the playlists once, Topsify does the work keeping it updated.

Sony's Fantasy Festival - Compete in a virtual music festival

A free, points based league game. The aim - to assemble the ultimate, imaginary festival line-up and gain as many points as possible through your acts’ popularity in the real world (calculated by activity online). You can create custom leagues, invite your friends and battle it out for festival supremacy. There are regular prizes for the best performing festivals and the overall winner is presented with a music lover’s dream prize - four “money can’t buy” tickets (including VIP accommodation, flights and spending money) to one of Europe’s best festivals.

Musicmetric - Making sense of your music data

Musicmetric can tell you who’s being talked about, which artist will be the next big thing, and how effective your marketing is by data mining the web, crawling and analyzing tens of thousands of pages per day, and monitoring dozens of live data sources to deliver a fully featured analytics platform. Their tools are driven by semantic analysis, so they don’t just tell you how many people are talking about your artists, but also their opinions, the sentiment and common topics surrounding them.

Compare My Radio - Track what's being played on air

Compare My Radio tracks UK radio stations’ “now playing” information and makes sense of it so you don’t have to.

We Are Hunted - The Online Music Chart

In the physical world, charts are built on shipped albums. Online charts have been a simple count of digital downloads. We Are Hunted is different. We discover new music from around the web and detect sentiment, expression and advocacy to understand what people like and dislike.

Music Arsenal - Software for band management and labels

Music Arsenal takes the less glamorous business side of music and makes it easier to manage. Our tools will help you plan your rise to success by keeping everything in one place and on track. Use Music Arsenal to manage and schedule your upcoming projects, plan your tours, find new places to promote your music and more.

RockDex - See how much your band rocks

RockDex Pro is a revolutionary web application that tracks 1000’s of music websites and collects data on any artist, such as blog posts, tweets, plays, and much more. RockDex analyzes and presents the information to you in one convenient dashboard that gives you a high level view of what is happening online with the artists that are important to you. Drill down into your data to discover trends, gauge the effectiveness of your marketing, and find out what your fans are saying—and where they are saying it. RockDex Pro helps you capitalize on a valuable and too often overlooked asset: Your Data.

Next Big Sound - Track how fans interact with online music

We’re tracking the number of plays, views, fans, comments, mentions, and other key metrics for 490,606 artists across major web properties like Facebook, MySpace,, Twitter, and more. Keep up to date on artists you care about by having their stats emailed to you. Choose between weekly and daily reports, and set exactly what time you want them to arrive. Or grab an artist’s RSS feed. - The music of cities

Listen to the latest music from your favorite cities around the world. Find the most musically active cities right now. It’s constantly changing as new music is being created. Check out the individual city pages for more tracks, genres and stats. See the list of the 32 most popular cities on Twitter. If you like a city, tweet its link, and we pick you up as a listener and you help it climb the chart. - Mix your own charts is the ultimate tool to create your personal music charts by (re)mixing the charts of more than 2650 radiostations. Affect the creation-process by defining certain parameters like period or style. Take a look at the charts of your favourite stations or check how your favourite artist is doing.

BoilingPage - Find popular music among people in real time

BoilingPage is the real-time search engine where you will find the most recently popular web pages among people. As we all know, people discuss about their favorite webpages in different networks like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. We mine these conversations, organize them properly, based on which, we’ll show you the best and the most recently popular webpages among people.

Musicians on Twitter

For those about to rock… we salute. And more importantly, we follow you on Twitter.


TweetTunes is a Twitter application on the web. It takes information about bands and artists from Twitter and processes this information so that it is viewable by you. It is powered by Twitter and


TwoGroove is a site dedicated to promoting new music from unsigned artists and exposing music fans to songs they may not have heard before. There are plenty of sites like this out there, but we try to be a little different. We use data gathered from our User base to provide Artists with a representation of how their songs are doing. We’ll even provide this information in a report and submit it to record companies on an Artist’s behalf. Bottom line: We love new music and want to get it out there and in the ears of listeners.


Discover the music people are tweeting about and see daily trends

Music Xray

Music Xray is combining everything you need to measure, monitor and grow market demand for songs into a unique, ad-free song capsule.


SoundOut guarantees accurate, objective and rapid insight into your music sourced directly from thousands of music consumers. Applications include: market research, consumer insight, demographic profiling, track analysis.

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