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22tracks - Play 22 tracks across many genres every week

An online jukebox containing playlists with 22 tracks across different genres, each selected by specialized DJs from Amsterdam.

Pitchify - Spotify links based on the best Pitchfork reviews

Check out the latest reviewed albums in Spotify

Music Power Network - Build a successful life in music

Music Power Network is an online system for creating success in the new music industry. MPN provides hours of exclusive video advice from Grammy winning experts, online workbooks and courseware for career planning as well as market resources to give you, the professional music maker everthing you need to negotiate a successful future in the new music business.


Narrowing down virtually endless possibilities to form a catalogue of hand-picked selections united by theme or genre, bound by a particular style, or with some kind of common narrative in mind.


With the help of our music correspondents located in different countries all over the world, and most importantly with YOUR help, NewBandDaily discovers cool new indie music bands and artists worldwide, and delivers them directly into your inbox so you may enjoy a daily dose of great new music for FREE!

Open Music Wire

Open Music Wire has been created by MusiK1 to provide our affiliates and Music Fans alike with free music download offers from artists and labels who wish to share their hard work under a specific Creative Commons license. Since Open Music Wire is heavily blog driven, only a chosen amount of songs will gain a music review from our contributors, though each song that is approved will be available in the Open Music Library for all to listen to and download.

Music Recommenders

A free service that presents new music each month selected by experts in 40 of the world’s best independent stores. Members can recieve monthly recommendations based on their music preferences.


Music Emissions

Music Emissions is an independently run Music Review site. We focus on independent labels and artists that fit into the alternative music category. They publish music reviews of CD’s on a daily basis as well as weekly interviews and biographies. Members can also get personalized recommendations and find similar users.

screenshot is a slick, all-inclusive music site that caters to both artists looking to promote their material and connect with listeners, and to fans that thrive on discovering new music and expressing their opinions. The community fuels the site with user-generated content ranging from independent and major-label artist pages with songs, videos, similar-artist lists, photos, and news, to fan ratings, reviews, blogs, and forums. The site also offers robust artist information like discographies, bios, and song clips, plus thousands of free music tracks, daily news, live sessions, exclusive interviews, weekly podcasts, charts, a tech guide, and more.



SpotDJ is a service that adds a something new and, frankly, !*#$@ing awesome to your music listening experience. You listen to your music just like normal, but every once in a while, SpotDJ will play a “spot” between songs. A spot could be basic information about the song, a story about the artist, an interpretation of the song, news, gossip, recommendations, whatever! All of the spots on SpotDJ are created by users.



Idiomag is a personalised digital magazine that matches content with the interests of the individual. Through a unique tagging system, idiomag aggregates hand-picked rich media content and delivers a unique interactive magazine to each reader. The content becomes increasingly relevant as readers rate the content they view.


Critical Metrics

Every week, artists, DJs, music tv networks, newspapers, magazines, retailers, and bloggers recommend hundreds of their favorite new songs. Critical Metrics keeps track of recommendations and playlists across all media so you can easily find, try, and buy the best new music.