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Moodagent - Automatic playlist DJ for your music, your mood

Instantly create new playlists. Match your music to your mood or change your mood with your music. Moodagent syncs your music collection to ensure every track have a matching track profile, then automatically creates playlists at your command. You simply set the colorful mood and tempo sliders, or start with a favorite song. - Is that a DJ in your pocket... is a site and iphone app that lets you access thousands mixes form DJs around the world. Choose from dozens of genres and styles or create your own mixes.

MobBase - Make your own iPhone app for your band

MobBase is the easy to build, easy to manage, and easy to use iPhone app created specifically for artists. With MobBase, artists can connect with fans anywhere and everywhere they’re carrying their phones to share music, photos, videos, tweets, and info about gigs, sell merch, and more.


Have you ever been out on the town and wanted to go listen to some live music but haven’t known where to go or what’s playing nearby? Are you a music fan who would like to see more live music but aren’t up on what’s going on in your city? Have you ever missed a concert by your favorite band because you didn’t realize they were in town? Gigotron is currently listing gigs in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco - 80 to 90% more of them than most local sources, in fact. But we’re not done - we’ll be adding new cities regularly.


Kyte is an end-to-end, online and mobile solution for the production, distribution and monetization of digital content.

Amplified Journeys

Just tell us where you’re going, and the kind of music you like. We’ll do the rest. You get a playlist created to match your journey, with music that relates to your route. Discover new music, artists and trivia, and enjoy the simple pleasure of driving with great music.


HooQs enables you to enjoy your favorite videos and music straight from your mobile phone or wireless device – without any installation or hassle. You can build your own channels from various media sources and HooQs delivers them straight to your mobile phone, and creates a personal mobile portal that is tailored just for you!



Textango, LLC™ is a revolutionary, patent pending mobile billing and music delivery platform. Textango, LLC™ allows anyone, anywhere in the United States to purchase music simply by sending a premium text message with their cell phone. The purchase is billed to the customer’s cell phone bill and the music is downloaded off of the Textango, LLC™ website.



Buzzwire is a dynamic and innovative media services company creating new ways for you to easily bring the world of streaming internet content — including audio, video and live radio — to your mobile phone. Buzzwire lets you create your own program lineup and listen to it live on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Find and personalize content from our extensive audio and video library. Add feeds and content of your own, share them with friends, and access all of it on your mobile phone.



smsTunes is a music entertaining service that enables you to have a playlist of your favorite songs in one place, with links to relevant information like lyrics , short song samples , videos , karaokes , artist information, ringtones , and online music stores . It integrates nicely with most popular US radio stations by allowing you to add the song playing on the radio to your song list by sending a text message from your mobile, you don’t even have to know the name of the song!


Virtual Radio

VirtualRadio brings Web radio stations to your phone. VirtualRadio connects to the Internet through your mobile phone operator’s network and links to more than 600 radio stations from all over the world. If you have a very modern phone, you can directly connect to the Internet by using Wi-fi (WLAN or hotspots) and you can hear radio without being charged by your mobile phone operator.



Ripple9 helps you promote your music as effectively as possible in a digital world: get your music in your fans pants, remind fans (and their friends) to come to your gigs, accelerate and manage the growth of your fan list. The service takes advantage of the fact that every one your fans, or fans-to-be has a mobile phone in their pocket , and that they know how to send and receive text and picture messages.



Helio is a mobile operator that provides music services for its phones. helio lets you browse songs and download them straight to your device. You can also transfer music from your PC directly to your phone.


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Phling! is the mobile music community service that connects you to all the music, podcasts, and pictures stored on your PC, to your friends, and to everyone in the phling! community. You can use your mobile phone to listen to your music anywhere, anytime without having to first synchronize with your PC. You can also let up to six phling! friends listen to your music, and they can let you listen to their music. You can read and submit song reviews, find out who is listening to what, browse user profiles, and stay in touch by posting messages to your friends’ bulletin boards and your own.



YourSpins is a new kind of music community for fans who want to immerse themselves in world of remixes. Within YourSpins, you’ll be able to share your mixes of top songs with others, rate and comment on other mixes - and chat, mail and IM other people too. Plus you can make your own unique ringtones to be sent to your phone.


vCast Music

vCast is the mobile music service for Verizon customers. They have lose to 2 millions songs available for download. vCast also offers a SongID service that allows you to identify a song by playing it into your phone. If identified, you can purchase the songs or ringtones.



Pocketfuzz allows artists to sell ringtones and give fans up to date news via their mobile phone. With the PocketFuzz Ringtoner, fans can take any part of your song they want as their custom ring tone! There are no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no minimums!



MusicStation is the revolutionary all-you-can-eat, full-track mobile music service. It allows mobile phone users to gain unlimited access to full music tracks on industry-standard mobiles for a small weekly fee.



nuTsie provides the ability to upload your iTunes library and access your playlists via your mobile phone. You can use the nuTsie Web player to listen to your music wherever you have a connected PC, even though you’re away from your iTunes collection. And you can share your nuTsie page with others so they can listen to your music too.



Rather than being tethered to a PC to browse and search new music, obtain new content, or refresh your music collection, MusicGremlin gives you the freedom to enjoy a complete music experience directly from your favorite listening and playback device. From wireless portable devices to digitized home stereos.


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