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Hyped Sound - A social music platform

A social music platform launching in early 2010.

Muziboo - Upload music and have conversations around it

Muziboo is an online platform where musicians & budding talents upload their performances to showcase, invite reviews, discuss and collaborate. Muziboo offers a variety of easy tools to share your music across the Online world – be it your blog or Facebook and Twitter profiles.

The Banded - Discover and promote new artists to earn rewards

A music democracy where fans call the shots, new music gets uncovered and promoted, and users get killer rewards. Get friends to vote for your favorite artists and bolster your influence rank. Most Influential Fans get rewards like free tech swag, merch discounts and more. Top-voted artists get paid on an ongoing basis (vs. a one-time prize), plus get to own part of The Banded!

Music Forte - Independent artist downloads and sheet music

Music Forte (through it’s humble beginnings as a hobby site for artists) has grown into the largest online resource for Independent music and sheet music. - Share and discover music

ShareDJ allows users to find, listen and watch their favourite artists. It’s not only a great way to discover new trends, but users can share their music experience with all their friends.

MusicianLink - A network device to jam with others remotely is the jamLink social network. The jamLink device connects musicians in real-time over the Internet. Experience “in-the-room” feel with CD quality audio, and jam with players across town or hundreds of miles away. Plug in or mic any instrument and start playing and singing. Controlled easily by popular web browsers, no additional software or audio hardware is required. Starting a jam session is as easy as “chatting.”

Twingly - Follow and discuss topics and events is a blog search engine featuring a spam-free, faceted, social search. Twingly Channels is a tool for discussing and sharing news about your favorite artist or band with other fans. It’s simple to share links, pictures, videos, polls, events and even music (via services like Spotify and Soundcloud) and gives you the perfect overview about everything that’s related to your favorite artist. If you are an artist looking for ways to connect to your fans, set up a channel that displays news about gigs and releases!

Tracklister - Listen to and download live sets

Tracklister is a global system were everybody can add/listen/download Livesets! Tracklists are mainly focused on electronica/techno genres.

ShareTheMusic - Share your collection with other listeners acts as a middleman among those who are willing to share their music - by enabling other Internet users to listen to it. People having a particular piece of music on their hard disk can broadcast it to only one listener at a time, and it cannot be copied by saving to the disk of another user.

My Audio Bio - Share your story with their songs

A place to share the stories and songs that make up our history.

Stereo8 - User controlled radio

Stereo8 is an internet radio with a twist: the listeners share and choose the music.

Filtersage - Matching new releases to past movies and music

Find the best new releases paired with movies and records from the past that are strikingly similar to them. Discover new music starting from the things you already love and explore new paths and connections between the present and the past. Make your own pairings and comment and vote on those made by others.

DigABand - Gig, brand and fan relationship management

A suite of online tools that allow independent musicians to market themselves, grow and connect with their fan base, earn the maximum possible through playing more gigs, and connecting with other musicians to collaborate and share fans.

Unravel The Music - Discover the meanings of songs

Share and discover the meanings of songs. The site allows you to suggest meanings of specific songs and vote on the ones you think most closely represents the meaning of the song.

Pledge Music - Let the fans be your label

By combining new social networking technology, old school music biz know how and an irresistible menu of exclusive incentives, fans can visit the site to hear great new music, enjoy and share unique experiences with the bands they love and actively participate in the release process.

GigLocator - Discover, enjoy and share live music

GigLocator is a unique system created so like minded lovers of live music can find and keep up-to-date with the gigs they want to hear about.

SuperGlued - Discuss live music experiences

SuperGlued is where people go to share and discuss live music shows with the other people who were there. Talk to people who were at the same show, see all the photos and video, get the band’s take on a show, and more.

Thounds - share your music thoughts and let them grow

Thounds helps people capture their musical inspirations which can be recorded live with a computer microphone or by plugging in a real instrument. Whether you are a musician or just a music lover, you can contribute to a new track and enjoy it with your friends and with many others around the world. Finished tracks can be shared through blog pages, Facebook, Myspace, Virb and other popoluar networks. - Create and share playlists

With funnel, its possible to make playlists of your favorite music and listen to the playlists your friends Find new music by listening to other users’ favorites. Stream music for any situation and any mood, from loud and up beat to get you moving, to chilled and relaxed to help you mellow out.

Moof - Social music, reinvented

Search for and listen to any song you like, online, on-demand, for free, whenever you want. All the functionality of a full desktop media player, in your browser. You can also export a copy of your itunes library to have a full backup of all your music online.

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