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Digital-Tunes - Underground electronic music downloads

A digital music store specializing in undergraound electronic music. Files are available in 320 mp3, flac or wav format.

Guvera - You get free music, bands get paid

Free music, film and TV for fans and artists get paid. DRM-Free, High Quality content. From the pre-registration explanation: “Your pre-registration selections will determine the level of free content you have access to. ie: the profile of a 130 year old african princess only interested in pole vaulting in the Amazon may have limited access to cool free content.”

TunesPro - Discount download store

A digital music download store with over 5.5 million DRM Free songs at highly discounted prices.

With a massive catalogue of music at its behest, iZaRia can find almost any song in the world, allowing users to listen-to and share all their favourite tracks. It allows entirely free downloads of all its music, legally allowing you to own all your favourite songs without paying a cent. Music is all full-length with no limits on the amount of downloads and no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions


Narrowing down virtually endless possibilities to form a catalogue of hand-picked selections united by theme or genre, bound by a particular style, or with some kind of common narrative in mind.


Every song is represented by a dominant color. The color of the song is what the majority feels it is. When you want to get to a perfect song, you just have to reach out to your emotions and feelings and find a color. Poof, you will be directed to the right music that resonates with your feelings! And while you are at it, go ahead and add your color to the music too.


Download DRM-free songs for 99¢. Get rewarded for your good taste with store credit. Every time a song you bought sells, you get a cut of the proceeds. Earlier buyers get more, so it pays to be a trendspotter. Find other people with great taste. Because music is social. Meet that friend who always recommends your next favorite music.


volumMonster gives Artists the ability to know who their fans are by offering a free download. volumMonster Fans use codes to redeem, download, and enjoy FREE content that artists upload to the site. Every time a fan redeems a code, their contact information is shared with that specific artist. It’s the first site of it’s kind that uses the “power of free” to build a loyal fan base. A true WIN - WIN for fans and artists alike… Fans get free stuff! Artists find out who their fans are!


Any artist can freely distribute their music online, via NoiseTrade’s remarkable and embeddable widget, offering fans the choice to tell 5 friends or to pay any amount in exchange for an immediate download.


Songbeat is the music player for your Desktop: Find, listen, and download! You can organize, label, and filter your music in the Songbeat library or burn it directly to CD. Save and record online radiostations and discover new music through digital mixtapes. With just one click, you can automatically export these to iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player.


StoreBlocks provides an easy-to-use music store e-commerce solution for every size customer. Set up a customized store for your small business (no matter what size), school, sports team or other group, and earn 10 percent from every download. The StoreBlocks service includes one of the industry’s largest music catalogs, with nearly 3 million tracks (close to 2 million in iPod-compatible MP3 format)



SongRamp is a music community focused on the creative aspects of music and songwriting. The name implies a place where songs and songwriters can advance based upon their merit. Members can sell CDs and digital downloads at the The SongRamp Store.



Fast, easy, and fun! Unbiased, unsigned music discovery. At 9ViBe, it’s all about the music… period. Promoting music from unsigned/independent musicians of every genre. They find your fans and validate your songs. Free musician and A&R resource.



Trackdonalds is an online label by Solid Soul Records. They seek to provide a unique platform for established and up and coming producers alike. The label will help artists get more value from the music they create and allow artists to keep half of every purchase. Trackdonalds specializes in Drum and Bass - deep, minimal and soulful stuff. In the Electronic section they serve dutty Breaks and jazzy Electronica. They provide access to crazy underground stuff through secure, legal, high quality downloads. Files come as MP3 with 320kbps on a pay per download basis.



Bleep is an online store that sells high quality, drm-free mp3s from hundreds of independent labels. Bleep tracks are very high quality, encoded with the renowned codec LAME using the ‘—alt-preset standard’ Variable Bit Rate setting. This uses a higher bitrate for encoding loud sections of a track, and a lower bitrate on quieter sections – it is widely acknowledged to give the best sound quality while maintaining manageable file sizes.


InternetDJ is the world’s premier site for underground and signed electronic music producers and aficionados. The site allows members to create a music profile where he/she can uploaded their original music creations in MP3 format. Members use our community to workshop their creations, to improve on their skills, and learn new techniques from some of the best composers in the business. InternetDJ even offers an automatic MP3 sales engine for members and labels to sell their tracks directly on this site.



Podcomplex lets artists upload mp3s, bios and band pics to your profile, where they will be seen by music fans worldwide on the OMS network.



This site aims to provide a location where musicians can upload music under the Creative Commons license for use in Podcasts, Mashups, Shoutcasts, Webcasts and every other kind of ‘casting’ that exists on the net.



Tunester is a Canadian based, music and entertainment networking community; specialized in providing Canadian artists, industry professionals, and fans with a centralized community platform in order to aid in the development of the industry as a whole.



inDiscover is a service designed to help bring independent music to new listeners. They recommend songs based on your tastes. Songs are provided by independent artists from around the world in mp3 format. By collaborative filtering, thry are able to predict how much a given user would like a specific song based on how they have previously rated other songs. After a user rates a song, they are presented with two playlists; one of songs that they KNOW you will like, and one of songs they THINK you will like.


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