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Playlick - Create playlists and collect favorites from the web

A Playdar powered service that lets you create playlists based on tracks, artists, albums, users and more.

Playgrub - Create playlists from song lists on supported sites

Playgrub is a bookmarklet that makes it easy to play web pages with Playdar. Using the Playgrub bookmarklet on supported sites such as, Playclick, Twitter, and iTunes charts will create a playlist out of the listed songs.

Single of the Decade - Choose your top pick

A massive collaborative poll, allowing music fans to share what their favourite singles have been, and provide a platform for others to rediscover tracks they might have forgotten.

Normalisr - Time-based charts of data

A little application to rank your favourite artists and albums by an estimation of how long you have spent listening to them. The form takes your username, gets the lists of your favourite artists or albums and estimates the time you have spent listening to each of them based on track length data taken from Musicbrainz. The resulting table shows your standard charts, with reordered rankings based on your estimated listening time.

Kicknote - Everything about artists in one place

Find everything about thousands of different bands & artists, all in one place – twitter updates, videos, photos, music, merch, concert schedules, and more.

Pitchify - Spotify links based on the best Pitchfork reviews

Check out the latest reviewed albums in Spotify

MusicDiner - Search iTunes

MusicDiner allows you to search the iTunes catalog without having iTunes installed.

Tweet UR Music - The Twitter music jukebox

“Tweet Ur Music” is a webapp mixing and Twitter APIs. You can play your favorite songs after you tweet them sharing your tastes among the Twitter community.

YouScrobble - Listen to music using and YouTube

YouScrobble is a online tool to simply enlarge your local music library fast and fully legal! Simply search for your favorite tracks and get everything you are looking for! YouScrobble uses and YouTube to satisfy your needs and is therefore fully legal! - Tweet your what you are listening to on Pandora

Dora is a mashup of three API’s: Pandora, Twitter, and The goal is to streamline tweets about what Pandora’s playing for Twitter users, so that it’s easier to communicate and share your thoughts about the music you’re hearing, and maybe explore some new music while you’re at it.

TourMapr - Where is your favorite band?

Type in any artistname to see where they are touring right now.

Imoosi - Music artists search engine

Search for artist information and get mashed-up results from Gruvr,, Twitter and YouTube.

One Page Artist - Explore any artist, all on one page.

A mashup site that provides artists information on a single page including music, photos, videos, biographies, tour dates and more.

Playdar - Music content resolver

Playdar is a music content resolver service - run it on every computer you use, and you’ll be able to listen to all the songs you would otherwise be able to find manually by searching though all your computers, hard disks, online services, and more.

Tracks on a Map - Listen to the world's music

Listen to SoundCloud tracks from around the world by navigating a world map.

MoMuPl - Movie Soundtrack Player

Type in a movie name and the hear it’s soundtrack. - It's Youtube for Music is an Internet Music video player which allows you to quickly find and organise your videos online. Create a playlist with your favorite band’s discography in mere seconds. Easily find rare videos and share it with your friends. We do the organizing, you do the listening! - The music of cities

Listen to the latest music from your favorite cities around the world. Find the most musically active cities right now. It’s constantly changing as new music is being created. Check out the individual city pages for more tracks, genres and stats. See the list of the 32 most popular cities on Twitter. If you like a city, tweet its link, and we pick you up as a listener and you help it climb the chart.


TweetTunes is a Twitter application on the web. It takes information about bands and artists from Twitter and processes this information so that it is viewable by you. It is powered by Twitter and


Muziic Player puts millions of songs right on your desktop - free and legally. To use Muziic Player, simply type the name of the song or artist you wish to hear into the player’s search bar. Muziic searches and returns the most relevant results from the world’s largest music database - YouTube. Muziic Encoder easily converts your MP3s to high quality FLV files ready for upload! Read More

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