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Muziboo - Upload music and have conversations around it

Muziboo is an online platform where musicians & budding talents upload their performances to showcase, invite reviews, discuss and collaborate. Muziboo offers a variety of easy tools to share your music across the Online world – be it your blog or Facebook and Twitter profiles.

RemixGalaxy - Remix songs by other artists

Remix Galaxy is a web community that offers the world’s largest inventory of music in multitrack stem format for remixing and the tools you need to customize or remix your favorite songs. Remix Galaxy is more than a store. It is a community where you can create cool music, show it off, get feedback from other members and leverage the knowledge base of our users to learn more about remixing.

My Audio Bio - Share your story with their songs

A place to share the stories and songs that make up our history.

Unravel The Music - Discover the meanings of songs

Share and discover the meanings of songs. The site allows you to suggest meanings of specific songs and vote on the ones you think most closely represents the meaning of the song.

Build A Jam - Listen to, create and download original music

When you’re in a band based in a small town, you may be limited to the number and kinds of musicians to play with. On Build A Jam, your small town crew becomes a thriving music metropolis. Play guitar with someone across the state or across the world. Looking for someone who listens and plays some of your favorite bands? Put a band together, send out an invitation, and start making music. Looking for a new band member in your local area? Listen to a clip of what they have to offer before you audition them.

Thounds - share your music thoughts and let them grow

Thounds helps people capture their musical inspirations which can be recorded live with a computer microphone or by plugging in a real instrument. Whether you are a musician or just a music lover, you can contribute to a new track and enjoy it with your friends and with many others around the world. Finished tracks can be shared through blog pages, Facebook, Myspace, Virb and other popoluar networks.

The Beat Spot - A social network for selling beats

A social network for selling beats. The site brings both Artists and Producers together from all over the world to, buy and sell beats, share Ideas, and sell/trade gear (production tools).

Tracks and Fields

Tracks & Fields is a brand new community to connect musicians and producers from all over the world. You can collaborate on new songs together, get feedback on your work-in-progress, share some samples with your friends or let the community make some great remixes of your tracks!


Alonetone is a place for small label, do-it-yourself and everyday musicians and bands to upload their music and freely share it on the internets.


We are an online service offering users the opportunity to create music easily and quickly. There are 2 parts to Musicshake: 1. the web site where users upload and post songs, share opinions, ask questions, and listen to music by others, and the Musicshake program which lets users create their own music.


Audiofarm is mankinds audio website for helping people explore, share, and enjoy Creative Commons Music from around the world.


Search, find and listen to Radios with the music you like and the content you want. Become a fan. Post comments. Be part of the Radionomy community. The place to be for Artist or Content Producers. Share music, jingles or audio contents with all radio creators on Radionomy. Upload your own creations. Program your radio easily and broadcast it to the world.


On artists can present their content to the community, work on projects, collaborate and connect with like-minded artists. It will be the online platform for the creation and presentation of sophisticated web-entertainment. It will be a meeting point, a stage, a workshop and eventually a marketplace for creative content.


Kweech is a fast music commenting site which lets you post your comments, reviews, questions and answers to any album in existence, it’s like twitter for music where we provide the music/album information and you do the talking.

Poll The People

A social networking site where users are invited to submit their Top 5s for each poll. Choices will count towards the first ever-evolving global poll to find the Greatest Albums, Films and Books of all time. Users are connected to other users with similar choices creating a very powerful recommendation tool for discovering new experiences.


Bojam is an online music collaboration service connecting musicians to mix, record, and collaborate to produce original or popular music. Mass collaboration has been utilized in text (Wikipedia) and software (Firefox). Bojam does so with music, open-sourcing all aspects of the music creation process, including a wiki-style platform for adding song info, lyrics, and instrument tabs.


Watch and rate the hottest dance videos. Upload videos to enter contests and battles. Join to get your DanceJam profile today.


Want2BFamous? Boomdizzle is an online community designed for aspiring artists to record, share, and remix original music and video content. With famous recording artist LL Cool J as part of the founding team, we know what it takes to make it.


Sign up, create your page, upload your original songs, beats, vocals, riffs, and more. As a member you can collaborate on songs, offer feedback, and share ideas for new music with others. Most importantly you can vote for your favorite songs. The top performers get a shot to turn their demos into real records—by collaborating with star musicians like Luda and with the entire WeMix community. And we’ll put the whole thing on TV.

Busker Du

Busker Du (dial-up) is a recording service for buskers through the telephone (preferably public payphones hidden in subway stations). Audio recorded will be posted to this audio-blog and made available to all who cherish lo-fi original music. Try it out at your favorite subway station or street corner.

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