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Juno Download - Dance download store

Juno Download is the download site from Juno Records, the world’s largest dance music store. Based in London, UK, we have been online since March 1996, and since then we have built a reputation as the most comprehensive source for new and back catalogue dance music. We now have more than one million tracks available, and offer over 1500 new releases each week.

Digital-Tunes - Underground electronic music downloads

A digital music store specializing in undergraound electronic music. Files are available in 320 mp3, flac or wav format.

Music Forte - Independent artist downloads and sheet music

Music Forte (through it’s humble beginnings as a hobby site for artists) has grown into the largest online resource for Independent music and sheet music.

MyMusicSite - Helping independent artists sell and promote helps you the independent artist sell and promote your own music. You can sell individual songs, albums or even have your fans, friends and family be able to instantly create ringtones for your original music. The next time your phone rings…have it be your song that is heard! also offers you the ability to shop for independent music and discover new and hidden talent. Be the first to hear the hottest songs that can be tomorrow’s mega hit songs.

TunesPro - Discount download store

A digital music download store with over 5.5 million DRM Free songs at highly discounted prices.

Anjuno - a pick-your-price digital media community

Anjuno’s goal is to connect fans directly to the artists they love. Artists simply post their music and books, and fans can discover this new art, download it, enjoy it, and pay whatever they want for it. Instead of most of the profit going to publishers, record labels, and other middle men, on Anjuno it goes directly to the artists. So even if a fan only pays $2 for your album on Anjuno, you get the same amount as if they had paid $10 on iTunes

The Beat Spot - A social network for selling beats

A social network for selling beats. The site brings both Artists and Producers together from all over the world to, buy and sell beats, share Ideas, and sell/trade gear (production tools).


A media player that lets you download MP3s from Amazon, search a library of over 5 million songs, enjoy your music and videos on a BlackBerry, Palm Pre, PSP, Android phone and hundreds of other devices, and download and convert free videos to watch on your device.


Tunemiser is a digital music comparison shopping engine


Narrowing down virtually endless possibilities to form a catalogue of hand-picked selections united by theme or genre, bound by a particular style, or with some kind of common narrative in mind.


The Instinctiv Music Shuffle is a revolutionary new “smart shuffle” technology that uses skip behavior to quickly determine what songs fit the consumer’s current mood. With a simple one button interface users have found the Instinctiv Music Shuffle to be an essential part of their listening experience, decreasing the number of skips by 20 fold. The Instinctiv Music Store is a new music store platform that employs the incredibly powerful Instinctiv search and discovery technology to help users find songs they like. The result is a 4X greater purchase rate than the iTunes Music Store.


Bleep sells high quality, standard MP3 files with embedded artwork, compatible with iPods, Macs, PCs and all MP3 players.


Every song is represented by a dominant color. The color of the song is what the majority feels it is. When you want to get to a perfect song, you just have to reach out to your emotions and feelings and find a color. Poof, you will be directed to the right music that resonates with your feelings! And while you are at it, go ahead and add your color to the music too.


A UK-based, high-quality mp3 download store focused on rare music.

Peoples Music Store

Recommend your favourite music, write your own reviews and earn People’s Music Store reward points for every sale you make.

Advantageous MP3

Browse through the iTunes Store, just as usual. Or use iTunes Genius feature to find new music. When you find something you want, click on Get MP3 from Amazon in the iTunes Script Menu. Advantageous mp3 takes you to the artist’s or album’s Amazon MP3 site. You can buy the music DRM-free and in better quality.

DownloadShopper lets you compare prices on individual tracks and whole albums between the three major online music stores. Song prices range from 74 cents to 99 cents per song, and album prices can vary by several dollars. Saving 5, 10 or 15 cents might not sound like much, but an avid music fan can save a lot of money, and why not get the most value for your dollar?

Major label EMI’s foray into a music discovery site. Listen to music and watch videos, manage your playlists, and buy content.


Download DRM-free songs for 99¢. Get rewarded for your good taste with store credit. Every time a song you bought sells, you get a cut of the proceeds. Earlier buyers get more, so it pays to be a trendspotter. Find other people with great taste. Because music is social. Meet that friend who always recommends your next favorite music.


thebizmo gives you the opportunity to sell all of your digital products - music, custom t-shirts, tickets, videos, ringtones, sheet music / lyrics and more - directly to your fans. Unlike other widgets that send your customers to other sites to complete purchase transactions, with thebizmo all transactions take place within your own branded microstore widget.

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