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Disco - YouTube's music discovery and playlist generation tool


Want My Playlist? - Share your Spotify playlists

Discover and share your Spotify playlists

Moodagent - Automatic playlist DJ for your music, your mood

Instantly create new playlists. Match your music to your mood or change your mood with your music. Moodagent syncs your music collection to ensure every track have a matching track profile, then automatically creates playlists at your command. You simply set the colorful mood and tempo sliders, or start with a favorite song.

Playlick - Create playlists and collect favorites from the web

A Playdar powered service that lets you create playlists based on tracks, artists, albums, users and more.

Playgrub - Create playlists from song lists on supported sites

Playgrub is a bookmarklet that makes it easy to play web pages with Playdar. Using the Playgrub bookmarklet on supported sites such as, Playclick, Twitter, and iTunes charts will create a playlist out of the listed songs. - Music playlist search and download

GetPlaylists is a service that helps you download, share and use playlists on an automated basis- you can download a playlist. We automatically match it to your music collection and then notify you of the songs that you own and those that you don’t. You can purchase songs (MP3s) that you don’t already own at our online music store. The music goes to you music library and the playlist goes to your media player Playlists can be shared with your friends on Facebook and MySpace (others coming soon), they can be emailed to friends, instant messaged to friends and streamed to your device.

Xpandify - Find and share Spotify playlists

Browse genres, tags and decade to find Spotify playlists.

YourSpotify - Spotify playlist sharing site

Simply make your playlist in spotify and share your spotify playlist on haring your Spotify playlists gives you a wonderful opportunity to find new music, share your music with those that have similar tastes or even try out some new musical genres that you may never have tried before. Browse, search and find spotify playlists of many different genres. Create and share your spotify lists. New hot Spotify Playlist everyday!

Topsify - Top charts for Spotify

Topsify provides free top music chart playlists for Spotify. Listen to all the latests hit singles. Add the playlists once, Topsify does the work keeping it updated. - A playlist for what you're doing now

Type in your current activity and get a playlist to match what you are doing. - Is that a DJ in your pocket... is a site and iphone app that lets you access thousands mixes form DJs around the world. Choose from dozens of genres and styles or create your own mixes.

Spotibot - Discover music on Spotify

A variety of tools that help you find music on Spotify. Send Spotibot a message on twitter using “@spotibot similar” to and then the name of an artist and get back a recommendation within five minutes. The playlist generator tool creates Spotify playlists based on an entered artist.

Spotifies - Find Spotify playlists

Browse and post spotify playlists. Includes Billboard charts, music festivals, multiple genres and collaborative playlists.

Tracklister - Listen to and download live sets

Tracklister is a global system were everybody can add/listen/download Livesets! Tracklists are mainly focused on electronica/techno genres.

Ibizaah - YouTube video mixer and playlist creator

Ibizaah! is a free YouTube video mixer and playlist creator that makes playing and browsing videos at the same time a breeze. Add songs to your left or right playlist and save them whenever you want so you can re-play them anytime.

YourLastMusic - What will be played at your funeral?

Decide what songs you want played at your funeral and share your playlist with friends and relatives.

Flavortunes - Build a party playlist with your guest's requests

Flavortunes allows you to send party invitations and create an interactive jukebox. Guests become part of the party planning by choosing their favorite songs for an event.

My Audio Bio - Share your story with their songs

A place to share the stories and songs that make up our history.

Uvumi - Discover and promote music

Explore music, artists profiles, photos, blogs, popularity charts, and more. Artists can gain more exposure online with an Uvumi artist profile. helps you get your name out there by giving you a clean and useful social profile that is highly optimized for search engine indexes. Use our free tool to create professional PDF press kits with your existing profile information. Customize the content and choose from a variety of graphical templates. PDF format gives you the freedom to use your Uvumi Press Kit online or offline, so you have more freedom with your promotional materials.

Stereomood - Emotion-based internet radio

Stereomood is a free emotional internet radio that suggests music that best suits your mood and daily activities. it’s much more than an online radio, it’s a tool to create playlists for every occasion, a tool to share emotions through the music.

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