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Guguchu - Band management and communication tools

Guguchu provides online tools for musicians for fan communication and professional music career development. It offers easy to use, rich products for gig booking, fan development, communication, promotion, distribution, and more.

BandCentral - Manage your band online

BandCentral is a web tool that helps bands manage themselves online. BandCentral gives bands their very own online ‘Band HUB’ with all the tools they need to communicate with each other, store files, manage gigs, merch, music, money, tasks, fans, contacts and everything else associated with their band in one central, secure and instantly accessible place. BandCentral is also great for Band Managers and record labels. By centralizing all aspects of a band’s management activity, BandCentral encourages greater collaboration between the band, band manager and third parties (such as producers/promoters/roadies) and minimizes the effort required to complete day-to-day admin tasks.

Bandbox - Sell music direct to fans

Bandbox is a music store which can be embedded just about anywhere. Selling your music through Bandbox is just as easy as adding a YouTube video to your MySpace profile. Bandbox pays 100% of the profit on all music sales to unsigned artists.

Uvumi - Discover and promote music

Explore music, artists profiles, photos, blogs, popularity charts, and more. Artists can gain more exposure online with an Uvumi artist profile. helps you get your name out there by giving you a clean and useful social profile that is highly optimized for search engine indexes. Use our free tool to create professional PDF press kits with your existing profile information. Customize the content and choose from a variety of graphical templates. PDF format gives you the freedom to use your Uvumi Press Kit online or offline, so you have more freedom with your promotional materials.

Musicmetric - Making sense of your music data

Musicmetric can tell you who’s being talked about, which artist will be the next big thing, and how effective your marketing is by data mining the web, crawling and analyzing tens of thousands of pages per day, and monitoring dozens of live data sources to deliver a fully featured analytics platform. Their tools are driven by semantic analysis, so they don’t just tell you how many people are talking about your artists, but also their opinions, the sentiment and common topics surrounding them.

Tour Volume - Concert listings with volume

Tour Volume is a concert listing service that supplies tools for concertgoers, bands, clubs, promoters and media channels (newspapers, radio stations, magazines and web portals). These tools will help them discover new music, organize tour dates, promote concerts, share concert listings, buy concert tickets and find concert information worldwide.

DigABand - Gig, brand and fan relationship management

A suite of online tools that allow independent musicians to market themselves, grow and connect with their fan base, earn the maximum possible through playing more gigs, and connecting with other musicians to collaborate and share fans.

Pledge Music - Let the fans be your label

By combining new social networking technology, old school music biz know how and an irresistible menu of exclusive incentives, fans can visit the site to hear great new music, enjoy and share unique experiences with the bands they love and actively participate in the release process.

Build A Jam - Listen to, create and download original music

When you’re in a band based in a small town, you may be limited to the number and kinds of musicians to play with. On Build A Jam, your small town crew becomes a thriving music metropolis. Play guitar with someone across the state or across the world. Looking for someone who listens and plays some of your favorite bands? Put a band together, send out an invitation, and start making music. Looking for a new band member in your local area? Listen to a clip of what they have to offer before you audition them.

Anjuno - a pick-your-price digital media community

Anjuno’s goal is to connect fans directly to the artists they love. Artists simply post their music and books, and fans can discover this new art, download it, enjoy it, and pay whatever they want for it. Instead of most of the profit going to publishers, record labels, and other middle men, on Anjuno it goes directly to the artists. So even if a fan only pays $2 for your album on Anjuno, you get the same amount as if they had paid $10 on iTunes

Music Power Network - Build a successful life in music

Music Power Network is an online system for creating success in the new music industry. MPN provides hours of exclusive video advice from Grammy winning experts, online workbooks and courseware for career planning as well as market resources to give you, the professional music maker everthing you need to negotiate a successful future in the new music business.

GigRight- Professional entertainment talent network

GigRight is a professional entertainment and talent network and a unique worldwide online database listing of talent professionals including musicians, fashion, acting, comedy and art. A full service visual and performing arts, entertainment and media resource gateway.

The Beat Spot - A social network for selling beats

A social network for selling beats. The site brings both Artists and Producers together from all over the world to, buy and sell beats, share Ideas, and sell/trade gear (production tools).

Next Big Sound - Track how fans interact with online music

We’re tracking the number of plays, views, fans, comments, mentions, and other key metrics for 490,606 artists across major web properties like Facebook, MySpace,, Twitter, and more. Keep up to date on artists you care about by having their stats emailed to you. Choose between weekly and daily reports, and set exactly what time you want them to arrive. Or grab an artist’s RSS feed.


Musefy is network of musically inclined individuals. Using Musefy, you can easily find local musicians to play music with or connect with the best suited groups to join, be it a rock band, a capella, jazz ensemble, anything. Or off and start your own group, search for the most compatible musicians, and make it big (hopefully). Think of us like a couple matching website for the music community. Except we’ll help you meet up with the best local musical talent.


TwoGroove is a site dedicated to promoting new music from unsigned artists and exposing music fans to songs they may not have heard before. There are plenty of sites like this out there, but we try to be a little different. We use data gathered from our User base to provide Artists with a representation of how their songs are doing. We’ll even provide this information in a report and submit it to record companies on an Artist’s behalf. Bottom line: We love new music and want to get it out there and in the ears of listeners.


WaTunes is a social media distribution service that enables artists, groups, and record labels to sell music, music videos, and audiobooks through leading online entertainment retailers, including iTunes, Napster, and eMusic. Artists and labels can sell unlimited music and earn 100% of their profits – ALL FOR FREE!


Hitlab is an online lab where musicians can come and test out their songs to find out if they have a potential hit on their hands! Hitlab uses revolutionary DHS technology (Dynamic Hit Scoring) which compares your song’s hit potential to the Top 100 Billboard ® hits of the past 6 years! And Hitlab is also holding a contest where you could see your dreams of getting a record deal fulfilled! With key players of the music industry on the jury listening in on your creations, your song could be the next one to top the charts!


Community website with customized profile, blog, private messages, instant messaging, networking, events, classifieds, social ads, with new social utilities coming online all the time to help music industry professionals stay independent and grow their business. Our new app store provides uniquely tailored solutions for every artist, pro, label, and venue to keep building buzz.


Firstly was created for music artists, bands, DJ’s and producers to create their own profiles to help promote new UK music and maximise their exposure, whilst linking them to the people that are really interested in music. Secondly, was created to provide fans a one-stop-shop for new UK music and be the number one resource for finding out what’s new musically in your local area.

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