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Say It With a Song: Postcard.fm

Why bother sending the standard ecard when you can say it with a song? Postcard.fm is an elegant, idiot-proof service from the same people who created the fantasy label site The Next Big Sound. The service lets you easily combine a photo, a song and a message for an awesome e-greeting. Photos can be directly uploaded from your computer or you can type in an image’s URL. You can also upload your own music file or search for a song using SeeqPod’s library of mp3 songs. Now i can finally mashup those wonderfully snarky greetings from someecards with equally cheeky music.

check out my card

SNL iPhone Spoof

A very funny spoof of the new iPhone ads from SNL…

Heavy Shtetl: Jewsrock.org

jewsrock.jpgWe all know the Beastie Boys, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and even Sammy Davis Jr. are jewish rockers but I bet you never suspected Beck, Joey Ramone, Gene Simmons, Susannah Hoffs, Mick Jones and Perry Farrell were also members of the tribe. As a fellow MOT, I was delighted to find Jewsrock.org - a non-profit group devoted to illuminating the intersection of rock and roll and Jewish culture. The site adopts a very lighthearted and humorous tone with features such as “Dropping the Baum: The Real Names of Jewish Rockers”, “The Challah Fame: Who’s Who in Jewish Rock”, and their interview section entitles “The 4 Questions”.

Now they just need to step up and embed some kick ass playlists for that next Bar Mitzvah.