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The Logos of Music 2.0 - Twitter Style

Since I began this blog the most popular post continues to be the Logos of Music 2.0 - a montage of music company logos I created a few years ago. Much has changed in the industry since that time and many companies have come and gone. I wanted to revisit the concept, but instead of focusing on the company logos in their natural habitat, I have turned my attention to how they appear within Twitter. Here is the new version based on all the companies in the Music 2.0 Directory that have twitter pages. View large version

Rocketsurgeon Launches Music 2.0 Product Buzz Feed

Announcing The Music 2.0 Product Buzz - an aggregated feed of Music 2.0 company blogs. Unlike other aggregated feeds that track industry news,  the Product Buzz feed focuses more on what individual companies in the space are doing – announcements, product updates, press releases, etc. It’s a great way to keep track of what the hundreds of companies listed in the Music 2.0 Directory are doing. 

There are scores of company blogs aggregated in the feed and I will be adding even more over the next few days and weeks. While building this feed, I revisited every site listed in the Music 2.0 Directory. I was astonished to find out that over half of the Music 2.0 sites out there don’t have a product blog. Come on guys - its almost 2009.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the service. I recommend subscribing to the feed as the page on my site still occasionally has issues rendering the feed correctly.


Rocketsurgeon Returns

After a full year as Director of User Experience at Strands, I am back on my own and looking for the next big thing in Music 2.0. In addition to lots of hard work, the last year has included a new relationship and a new house. I must apologize to all my readers for neglecting this blog for so long. Have no fear though. Rocketsurgeon is back and I have lots of items to cover in the near term. Stay tuned.

Jadam Kahn (aka Rocketsurgeon) Joins MyStrands

mystrands_logo.pngHello readers. It is my pleasure to announce that I have taken a full time position as Director of User Experience at MyStrands. MyStrands is a leader in developing technologies to help people discover things they like and didn’t know about already. As you may have noticed, over the past few months, MyStrands has been assembling an incredibly talented team of industry professionals and academics in addition to securing a significant round of funding. I am also pleased to again work side-by-side with my former colleague at AOL Music Now, Jason Herskowitz to help architect, design and develop another killer user experience.

What does this mean for you dear readers? Well, I may need to be a bit more judicious regarding certain topics I cover on this blog, but I plan on continuing to provide the extensive and in-depth reviews, commentary, and directory listings regarding the Music 2.0 space you have come to expect.

In the meantime check out my profile page on MyStrands. 

Back From Vacation

Rocketsurgeon’s Music 2.0 Blog has been quiet the last few weeks. A combination of an insane work schedule and a week of much needed vacation has kept me from blogging on a regular basis. I’m back now and you can hopefully expect a return to more regular posts and analysis.

Music 2.0 Directory Adds Screenshots

m20logo.pngOne of the most frequent requests for the Music 2.0 Directory has been to add screenshots so people can tell at-a-glance if they had seen the site before. While the Snap previews were helpful, they also have several drawbacks. Well I finally got around to figuring out the best way to do this was using Snap.com to embed  live screenshots. Now most entires in the directory have screenshots. Flash content may appear as white boxes - another reason to move towards web standards and stop using site-wide flash-only implementations.

Music 2.0 Directory Passes 300 Entries, Adds News Feeds


There are now over 300 entries in the new Music 2.0 Directory. Since its launch a few weeks ago, I have added some additional features including search and the ability to browse by name or date added. Each entry now also contains a news feed from Google News or Blogsearch depending on the media footprint of the entrant.

I would just like to thank everyone who has shown support for the project and a special kudos for all of you who have been sending me great suggestions.

Welcome to the Rocketsurgeon Blog

rs_logo_115.gifWe are proud to announce the version 1.0 launch of the Rocketsurgeon blog. Rocketsurgeon is a Chicago-based experience design firm with a strong focus on desigigning and developing digital music and entertainment destinations and products.

Our blog is dedicated to dissecting the digital entertainment space with a specific focus on customer-centric issues such as design, features and usability. Over the coming weeks we will be providing in-depth analysis of some of the latest and greatest developments in digital music, video and entertainment.

If you want to suggest an article or site for us to review please email us.