The Logos of Music 2.0
Jadam Kahn in Design, Design Patterns, Logos

Identity deisgn is perhaps one of the most challenging projects for any designer. Not only do you need to clearly express the concept and personality of the brand, but also differentiate yourself from the competition. This was the challenge I faced when designing the original Music Now logo a few years ago. Well since that time, the number of competitors in the digital music space has grown exponentially. Inspired by Stabilo Boss’ now famous Logos of Web 2.0 montage, I did some research and collected logos from the Music 2.0 space.


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There are lots of similar design trends with the overall Web 2.0 space - rounded fonts, wet floor effects, gradients, bright colors, etc. More specific to Music 2.0, there’s a predominance of grungy design usually associated with alternative and punk music. Red and blue logos seem to be the dominant color choice, followed by green and orange.

Keep looking to this blog as I detail more design patterns in the Music 2.0 space.

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